Gary Vaynerchuck

So – after some fierce Tweeting we worked out that Gary Vee’s camera man missed his connecting flight from LAX to Sydney – so we reached out.

Several Tweets, Skype call & emails later it was all locked in. We spend half a day with Gary at the Business Armageddon event filming all the behind the scenes action, meetings, interviews & talks for Gary. The purpose of Gary’s trip was to talk to a sold out room of top Aussie Real Estate Marketers & promote his new best selling book called ‘Ask Gary Vee‘.

Gary has over +170,000 YouTube subscribers & is one of the most in demand motivational & marketing experts on the planet (not to mention his huge Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram reach).

It was great to spend time & get insights into Gary’s dynamic approach to building businesses, relationships, investment, social & content marketing. What a total dynamo! He flew 25 hours to Australia for 11 hours only before turning around the same day on a 25 flight back to the USA! Whoa!!

Look out for an edition of the #DailyVee soon proudly brought to you from Australia – it was out pleasure to be able to lend a hand. We filmed around 150GB of raw audio, stills & video which we transferred to NYC using our 200 mbs fiber link for editing.

Project Details

Client : Gary Vaynerchuk
Date : 03/17/2016
Skills : Video
Address : https://www.youtube.com/user/GaryVaynerchuk

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