Collette Dinnigan Unlaced

We were recently commissioned to be the production partner of Collette Dinnigan: Unlaced the first major exhibition to be put on by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences’ centre for fashion as opened by Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop which will run for a 12 month period.

‘The exhibition’s centrepiece is a 100-look ready to wear “runway show”, digitally displayed on tall panels of screens that stretch across the exhibit’s largest room. This video installation is impressive, but speaking to Dinnigan you get the sense of a woman whose life is grounded in analogue pleasures.’ The Guardian.

With only a 10 hour window with to capture over +100 of Collette’s pieces, worn by 10 models, walking on 2x treadmills and a crew of 20 (80 people in total on set on the day) the pressure was on for a productive, harmonious day of team work (working along side Vogue Australia & Australian Story on the day who also shared the limited window to capture their material)..

Filming occured on the only rest day in the middle of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with one days access only to the run way space. The footage was captured in 5K RAW using RED cameras and was edited down into a 30m long video wall show casing 25 years of Collette’s work. It was great to work closely with Collette & the MAAS team to Produce & Direct this major piece for the exhibition.

The exhibition was recently opened and has been featured in a range of national and international press stories EG Australian Story, Vogue August Edition, The Guardian, smh.com.au, news.com.au.

Photo: Wolter Peeters

Project Details

Client : MAAS
Date : 09/05/2015
Skills : Video
Address : https://maas.museum/

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